What is going on?

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you are all well.  We had aIMG_0921n amazing Christmas at Urban Herbs HQ.  Me and my sister Katie ate loads of chicken and were given a home made Catnip toy to enjoy which I cuddle every night when I go to sleep.  Did you get anything nice from Santa?

I wanted to post on here to check….. what is going on?  Andrew is acting very strangely of late.  He is up early all the time and spending ages messing around in the polytunnel.  I am not allowed in there at the moment.  He got loads of bags of soil delivered the other day and the pile was so high that I couldn’t see the cat from next-door out of the kitchen window.  I can’t work it out.  The smells coming from the polytunnel are so strong.  I think he is making a fruit salad in there.  I can smell Lime, Strawberry, Pineapple and even Chocolate.  Can anyone shed any light on what might be going on?

I have to go…. it’s time for my main morning snooze now…..


Dried herbs and chillis

Andrew has been blending loads of dried herb mixes with chilli.  My sister Katie doesn’t like the smell – it makes her sneeze.  I love it and wish I could get Naga Chilli whiskers.  I am trying to hint to Andrew that I would like some chilli on my biscuits but I don’t think he is getting it.

A stark warning.

A stark warning.

Sorry to share this worrying message. But this is what Catnip can do to you. Furry friends beware. I’ve been quiet of late. Possibly been playing with Catnip a little too much. It’s not a problem though. I still like chasing string more.

Catnip on sale this weekend!

Quick, I don’t have very long.  Andrew is pushing those massive trolleys of plants around outside.. he doesn’t know I am using his iphone.  I hope IOS makes it easier for cats to use….

I have to tell you I heard Andrew saying that Catnip will be available this weekend from both Stratford and Bournville.  I know just how good it is…. below is a picture of what happened when my sister Katie found 3 trays of it in the hall.  It was a good night.  I am never touching Catnip again.Image

Catnip sighted……

Big news.  When Andrew was feeding me this morning he dropped an order confirmation form.  The 13th item on the list caught the attention of my whiskers.  CATNIP is now on order and priced at only £1.99 per plant.  I had better get a few….. not too many though… Andrew will not be happy if there is a repeat of last year’s ‘Catnip in the Polytunnel incident’

That was a messy afternoon……

Andrew goes to Stratford

Andrew is in a good mood!  He is going to Stratford Farmer’s Market on Saturday and he loves it!  He keeps talking about how he is going to eat all this amazing food.  Apparently his day always starts with a sausage sandwich followed by an apple Danish pastry!  Sounds nice but I would rather my biscuits.  He has been bringing lots of herbs out of my polytunnel especially for this market.

The important thing is that once he is out I can have a nice snooze until he gets back for my dinner time!



I don’t like Andrew’s New Cacti

Andrew is at work all day in Bearwood Indoor Market.  I hope he gets back soon I need my second dinner.   He has a day off tomorrow because it’s not a week when New Street Farmer’s Market is on!  So I have the Ipad and can blog again…..

Andrew has some really scary houseplants at the moment.  I don’t like the Cacti very much – especially the big ones.  The look like something really nice to rub against but they are really sharp.  Some of them aren’t as heavy as you think and Andrew gets really upset when I knock them onto the floor!

I like the small herbs they smell so nice!  He doesn’t know but I love to sniff the Lavender when he is not looking.  Sets me up nicely for my afternoon nap!